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BOOK #1 LAUNCH-`A Sailing Odyssey-Malaysia to the Mediterranean’.


`A Sailing Odyssey-Malaysia to the Mediterranean'.

`A Sailing Odyssey-Malaysia to the Mediterranean’.

Following our successful navigation of the 6,300 nautical miles, five month odyssey from Malaysia to the Mediterranean … I had many questions from people about the, then, six years I had spent on-board my catamaran.

The majority of questions were directed to the leg we had just completed. WHY? Maybe because of the mystique of sailing through southern Asian countries (Indonesia … Sri Lanka … India … Maldives … Oman … Yemen … and the countries along the western coastline of the Red Sea … Eritrea … Sudan … and Egypt).

And of course the ever-present experience of the threat of piracy in the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

COVER IMAGE 4 POWERPOINTTherefore, almost unconsciously, whilst sailing around the Mediterranean, I started writing about the experiences we had along the way and before long had 38,000+ words spinning around on the hard-drive of my computer. A book seemed do-able and I employed a very clever British woman (Bebe Speed) to edit the words … selected about 145 colour images, which ended up filling a 220 page book and searched for a company who could do what is well known as `Self Publish’. This means a writer is able to pay to have a book produced … but, be strongly guided by the `Self-Publisher Team’. There are many such companies, but I chose one which is an arm of Amazon Books … `CreateSpace’.

Now, almost three years from the completion of the journey Book #1 (`A Sailing Odyssey-Malaysia to the Mediterranean’) is complete and available through Amazon.

I take this opportunity to advise you Kindle eBook has now published my book and that is the final barrier to me promoting it.

It’s available in three versions and selling for the following prices.

Kindle eBook version … US$6.95

· You would need to do a `search’ for Amazon Kindle and then click on eBooks … then follow the prompts. Many readers have an Amazon Kindle Reader and my eBook will read on colour or black/white Kindle readers.

Black/White version … US$14.01

With the colour version being so expensive I had a Black/White version printed … and to find/buy the B/W version you must add an extension to the books name … (b/w). Therefore, the name changes to `A Sailing Odyssey-Malaysia to the Mediterranean (b/w).

· Colour version … US$28.14

For a person to order this colour version they must `search’ on … or … or, … then select `Books’ and type in the book name … A Sailing Odyssey-Malaysia to the Mediterranean… simple really!

This is an expensive book because it was produced in full colour and has 145 colour images.


I just hope whoever buys the book enjoys it! If you do, how about going to and writing a `review’?   Thanks.

Best wishes,

Lloyd Price

SV Déjà vu III

PS: Book #2 is under way and will be called … `A Sailing Odyssey-Australian East and Northern Coasts’ … or, something like that!

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