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`SAIL INDONESIA RALLY-2007’ … 19 of 24 … `Chicken Killing Factory’. 11th September 2007


Bima, Indonesia … (2 of 4)

Bima has the best (most interesting) Markets … they sell everything from goats to armchairs …


BIMO MARKETS - SEPT 2007 022… and process some things on the spot. I came across a Goat Market and almost burst my sides laughing, watching a young guy trying to steer this very strong Buck goat down the street, to where-ever he wanted it to go. The goat took this kid for a trot all-around the Markets and I still wonder if the Kid got the goat home.

Another remarkable business was the `Chicken Killing Factory’! BIMO MARKETS - SEPT 2007 045

I spent some time here as it wasn’t easy to work out the sequence of happenings. Eventually I had it all recorded on digital camera. The process went like this:

(1) The impeccably dressed Muslim women would enter the factory (no walls just a rusty tin roof) … and select a live chicken from a bundle tied up on the earth floor.

This choosing process included squeezing the legs and body to make sure there was something to eat under the feathers. (Indonesian chicken are all legs and little body)

BIMO MARKETS - SEPT 2007 033(2) Whilst waiting for the chicken processing, which probably took less than 10 minutes, the Muslim lady was seated in a `Waiting Room’ much as is provided in a Doctors Surgery, only not quite as clean.

(3) With the chicken chosen … the two slaughtermen took charge … opened the small lid of a bloody wooden box …

… stretched the chickens’ neck across the opening of the box (I imagine the chicken was facing Mecca at the time) and slit its throat … dropping it into the box before blood was flung everywhere.BIMO MARKETS - SEPT 2007 038

(4) After a few minutes the chicken was removed from the box (I wondered where all the blood went) … lost its head and was placed into a large pot of boiling water.

(5) A few minutes later the lightly boiled chook was removed from the pot … lost its legs … and was dumped into a washing machine!

Now, this was a special kind of washing machine … it had 15-20, 100mm long, by 10mm thick, rubber legs, protruding through the outer surface, into the pot. The machine was switched on and it did a washing machine, agitating movement, back and forth, taking all feathers from the body. Quick, clean and thorough and I guessed, without bruising?

(6) The bald chicken now went to a table where another `skilled chicken processor’ cut it into pieces … then into a bag, with the legs … BIMO MARKETS - SEPT 2007 041

… and back to the immaculate Muslim lady … who had already paid.

The whole process got my thumbs-up and co-operation from the Chicken slaughtermen is easy once you point a camera their way.

The Muslim lady wasn’t camera shy either!


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