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Jervis Bay to Batemans Bay is my longest solo leg yet.  What a ride … the breeze started at about 15/20 knots … dropped off to 8/10 and then slowly built up to 30+!!!  Man, Tsunami was screaming along at over 12 knots at times, with 8/10 knots average speed for the middle to late parts of the leg.  This weather was a prelude to the very bad weather the following two days which flooded Melbourne, dropped snow on Kosciusko (early February??) and tore down Sydney.  Sister Shirley even rang me to see if I was in one piece … and I could tell her I was so pleased to be on a borrowed, very capable mooring, in the Batemans Bay River riding out 35 knot+ screaming northerlies.  But my second night in B/B and still not a good night’s sleep.

* Approaching Batemans Bay ... Dolphins having fun! *

The strong wind kept up all day Thursday 3rd February … and was so strong it wasn’t safe to try to go ashore in the dinghy.  But that forced me to do a number of small maintenance jobs on the boat and I felt better when they were complete.

I liked B/B, reminded me a lot of Mandurah in Western Australia. 

* BATEMANS BAY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA ... (Image courtesy of Batemans Bay Chamber of Commerce) *

B/B has a huge, new, modern Club (Soldiers Club) on the foreshore, in the centre of town, which has a large area allocated to Poker machine … the source of the Club’s wealth!

My first encounter with dolphins occurred whist moored in the bay.  My attention was drawn to the stern of the boat by an unfamiliar scraping noise, which I largely ignored, until it occurred a second time … I rushed to the port side stern just in time to see a massive body and tailfin un-intertwining itself with my rudder …it seemed the dolphin wanted to scratch its back?  It then left my boat and swam for the next moored boat where it spent a minute doing something underwater.  Then I spotted a vital clue to the behaviour of the large mammal … a bright silvery colour dolphin about a meter long … a baby!  My guess is it was fresh born and the mother may have been trying to rid herself of the afterbirth with her underwater manoeuvres around the moored yachts?  That’s my theory and I am willing to hear from anyone with a better idea … Phone 0429 885 283

* They bring such joy to a days sailing! *



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