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I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT – I HAD FOUND A HARBOUR WORSE THAN WOLLONGONG!!    Less than one third the area, with a massive swell running into the entrance … and chocker-a-block full with boats. 

But I didn’t realise this to begin with as it doesn’t hit you how cramped the place is until you get in and looks around for a possible space to berth a 10 by 6 metre yacht. 

* Kiama Harbour ... for 24 hours, too rough to get off the yacht! *

There are always good souls who will jump to trying to help a visitor … and with Kiama Harbour, I found about 8 guys who were great.  The first two directed me to a bunch of tyres hanging over the side of the wharf (closest to the swell) and I put up with this buffering for only about 2 minutes. 

* The entrance to Kiama Harbour ... through the surf! *

One of the guys seeing I wasn’t happy, then had a brain surge, and pointed to two empty berths side by side.  They knew both their owners and one suggested I contact the professional charter operator by radio, as he was due in.  I invited this chap onboard to make the call on my behalf, which he did.  To shorten the story, the charter operator and his crew swarmed over my boat, which I had to spin through 180˚and then reverse into the berth, with the stern of Tsunami about 6 feet from the 3 meter high concrete wharf wall, covered in age old barnacles.  We had lines going everywhere and I swear I had my eyes closed most of the time throughout the manoeuvre … and then all of a sudden Tsunami was in place.  A miracle!!

* Great looking pelicans at Kiama *

The down side was … all the boats are constantly bounced around by the Tasman Ocean swell rolling into the harbour. 

Another one night stand … as I was out of there the next morning.




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