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I like Pt Hacking, about 20 miles south of Sydney Harbour; it’s a good anchorage, plenty of room to swing and a sandy bottom, less likely that your anchor will drag.  Opposite the anchorage, about 150 meters, is the Royal Motor Yacht Club and they welcomed me with an offer to use their floating dock, shower, clothes washer and dining room … doesn’t get any better than that!

* A good looking Power Cat at anchor! *

The weather was against me anyhow so a long rest was OK by this boy.

Took off early on Sunday 20th February as there was a southerly blowing again … after a giant thunder storm the night before.  Three hours to Sydney south Head and another 90 minutes to my anchorage at Roselle Bay, as close as one can anchor to the centre of Sydney.  Great!!

* Back in Sydney Harbour. Manley Ferry on the left ... Australian Warship on the right. They both went around me! *

Whilst sailing down the Harbour with mainsail and jib pulling hard, I promised myself that today was the day I was going to sail under the Bridge with full sail load flying!  Bugger the little ferrety 200 tonne Cat public ferries.  About a mile from the Bridge, all was going well … then, for some reason I looked behind me, as one so often does, and there, from out of nowhere, was a whopping great Australian Navy Warship about 200 meters behind, on the port side.  To top it off an 1100 tonnes Manley ferry was the same distance on my starboard side.  Bugger it … rules of the ocean are power gives way to sail, so I kept on my course and they both went around me. 

* The sailors lining the rails looked very smart in their whites ... but, nobody would wave to me! *

* Almost Home at Roselle Bay, Sydney Harbour. *

I waved at the warship, but nobody waved back … and the decks were lined with white clad sailors. 

Sydney Harbour … anything can happen and it usually does!



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Sailed another 6 miles South as the crow flies (12 miles given the horseshoe route I had to sail) to get to Port Hacking.  Pt Hacking seems just the sort of sea side town the old TV series `Sea Change’, could have been filmed in. 

* `Australia Day' ... time to hoist the Australian Jack! *

Very pretty and reasonably quiet (although the day after I arrived was `Australia Day’ and everyone and their dog was on the water in anything that floated).  Went for a walk along the ocean front at Cronulla late in the day and literally stumbled on an Australia Day Concert.  The main feature was an Operatic Concert starting at 19:30, so I stayed and enjoyed it. 

Plan to sail to Wollongong in a day or two, depending on the wind direction?



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