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Had a call from my cousin Elaine (Nee Fulwood) and husband Geoff on Thursday 17th March ’05 and it quickly became evident they would like a sail on Tsunami.  They had both lived permanently onboard a power boat earlier in their marriage and were therefore `old salts’.  We met on the following Saturday and they accepted an invitation to stay overnight. 

* Cousin Elaine (nee Fulwood) and Husband Geoff ... they loved Pittwater. *

 An overnight gave us the time to sail around to America Bay on Hawkesbury River and on Sunday, to call on the rubbish barge and waterfall around the corner in Refuge Bay (not to be confused with Refuge Cove where the oyster operation occurred.) 

* Rubbish disposal ... always an on-board problem. The local Council did something to help! *

* Geoff ... Elaine and Lloyd. Hawkesbury River, 20 kilometres north of Sydney. *

I may have mentioned the `rubbish barge’ in earlier writings?  It is a Council/Govt installation which is a moored barge (about 3 by 6 meters) which carries 6/8 240 litre bins.  Boats in the area deposit their garbage in the bins and a Council workboat comes regularly to empty them. Haven’t seen anything like that in the West!

Elaine catered for the weekend in grand style and they were clearly both taken by the space and comfort of the Cat though Geoff did force Elaine from their cabin with his snoring!

* Friendly Pelicans ... Big Birds! *



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Later that day, I went to see friends, whom I made on earlier journeys to Pittwater, Cath and Roger Manning, (co-owners of a Seawind 1000 Cat, `Orca’).  They had invited me to call on them at their magnificent home overlooking Refuge Cove (a smaller cove than the `Basin’ and about 5 miles from Refuge Bay, Hawkesbury River and the waterfall.)  On arriving and pirating someone’s mooring it was great to have a meal with them and catch up. 

* Roger and Catherine on `SV Orca' ... the Basin, Pittwater, NSW *

 I mentioned to Roger the incredible amount of coral growth (barnacles) forming on the hulls of Tsunami … a bit like an oyster farm under there!  He suggested I beach the yacht on the sand flats in front of their house (it dries out at low tide) apparently the previous owner of Tsunami had done the same thing once!  Anything to try to save a few $$$, so, at next high tide, which was in total darkness just to make it more interesting, with Roger’s help, (he loves messing around with yachts) we backed Tsunami over the flats and anchored forward and aft (back and front – I know you knew that?)

* `Tsunami' almost high and dry in Refuge Cove, Pittwater, down from Roger/Caths Mansion! *

I had imagined Tsunami would rest on her two keels and the hulls would stand proud of the sand.  Wrong!  The keels and rudders sank straight into the sand/mud up to the hulls.  By the time this was evident, I had spent $400 on antifoul and brushes etc!  So turning to plan `B’ … scrape as many ‘oysters’ off the bottoms and polish with scouring brushes.  That took all of the next week to do, mainly because the high tides were getting lower … and the low tides were getting higher.  Each day less area of each hull was being left bare and it became necessary to work underwater. 

* Coral growth ... it loves to grow on anything floating on water! *

* When there's water in it ... Refuge Cove is beautiful and straight down from Roger/Caths house! *

Now I have done some of my best work in the dark, but underwater???

Tsunami went like a scalded Cat on the trip to Lake Macquarie, so I am convinced it was the oysters that had been holding her back before. 





* The magnificent outlook from Roger and Catherines balcony! *



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RETURN TO PITTWATER … 29th December 2004

Having spent a riveting couple of weeks on Sydney Harbour, during which I motored/sailed up the Parramatta River and around about half the bays of the Harbour, I took off on a return trip to Pittwater.  Anchored at Little Manley Cove, waiting for a South Easterly to blow me north.  Whilst at anchor I had the bright idea to motor around to Manley in my dinghy (with new 3 hp Yamaha outboard motor) to shop for provisions at a local Coles store.  Had an unusual experience in the store when a pigeon flew over my head, creating all sorts of possibilities.

* Anchored at Little Manley Bay ... you are witness to many interesting `passers-by' ... this large catarmaran Charter Yacht came by often! *

Anyhow, on pushing my load back to the dinghy left on the beach (chained to a wharf) I was knocked over by another 40 Knot Southerly … I’m rapidly getting sick of these Southerlies, which arrive unannounced and with such violence.  Got back to the dinghy all right only to find the Manley Bay waters whipped into a frothy frenzy.  Could my little 3hp dinghy take it?  No it couldn’t, so facing the real possibility of drowning I headed for a patch of brown sand which represented a small beach. 

* Erica demonstrating the use of the inflatable dinghy ... normally carried over the stern of Tsunami! *

 Horror of horrors … the path took me over very shallow reef and weeds … it was low tide.  With the wind howling I drug the dinghy ashore and set off across the headland to checkout how `Tsunami’ was getting on on the `borrowed’ mooring … as she was copping the full blast of the SE’er across the bay.  No worries and back to the dinghy.  It was two hours before sunset and I was hungry.  I had bought a box of Diet Cokes and bag of nuts in my shopping spree (essential nutrition), so I relaxed alongside the luxurious swimming pool of an apartment complex and scoffed nuts and Coke.  30 minutes before sunset the winds died down to about 20 knots and I had to make a dash around the headland … or be faced with the prospect of travelling in the dark.  Not good!  Got home OK to Tsunami, drenched and promptly cranked up a hot shower!  What luxury!

* Demonstrating where/how the dinghy is carried. It is powered by a 3 hp Yamaha outboard! *

Sailed back to Pittwater in 2.75 hours the next day … a great trip.  The reason it was great?   Tsunami had a 25 knot SE breeze which pushes us along at 7/8 knots.

The reason for returning to Pittwater was so I would be there to show Melanie and John around the area, an area she particularly wanted to visit given her interest in or work with Environmental Reporting.  Pittwater is something of a special place for anyone interested in preserving natural forest/flora and fauna … so right up Melanie’s street.


I was introduced to this Club by Jim Holt who sailed his Seawind 1000 down from Lake Macquarie for the Seawind Regatta.  We were both anchored in The Basin Bay the night before the regatta … and as so often happens, he rowed across about 18:00 to make himself known. 

We spent a pleasant couple of hours mainly discussing the attributes of the Seawind 1000.  Jim subsequently invited me to a meeting of the CCCA.  The Club does not have a Clubhouse and its members are yachties who are retired in the main and have a common desire to sail anywhere (mostly the east coast of Australia), however, some go world wide and report back to the Club their adventures.  They also give the opportunity of sailing in company with other yachts and members.  Sounded exactly the basic philosophy of my travel plans … but, it wasn’t.  Members seemed very elitist and not at all interested in visitors … therefore, I WILL-NOT follow-up on Membership!



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SMITHS CREEK … Hawkesbury River … 3RD NOVEMBER 2004


Here’s a special little piece of paradise and a creek I will certainly take Melanie and John to when they come across in December. 

 It’s like a huge menagerie of birds and a peaceful, small tract of water set in a jungle … and hard to believe there are 4 million people living just over the hill in Sydney!  The two mornings I awoke there the water was like glass and again I am sure I have special images of the area. 

Swallows ... they seem to think they own you if you anchor in their territory

* Swallows ... they seem to think they own you if you anchor in their territory and shit everywhere *

Erica at Smiths Creek, Hawkesbury River, (20 Km north of Sydney)

* Erica at Smiths Creek, Hawkesbury River, (20 Km north of Sydney) *

One night I spent with Tsunami rafted alongside a Seawind 1000 `Orca’, owned by Cath and Roger Manning. They are members of the Royal Motor Yacht Club (RMYC) and befriended me, at the time of me inspecting Tsunami for the purpose of purchasing. We raced back to the RMYC but they were too good for me and I ran a bad last … just wait until next time!

Smiths Creek and new freinds Catherine and Roger of SV Orca' ... anther Seawind 1000 Catamaran

* Smiths Creek and new freinds Catherine and Roger of `SV Orca' ... anther Seawind 1000 Catamaran *

THE BASIN … Pittwater, Broken Bay … 6TH NOVEMBER 2004 

I have stayed overnight at the Basin several times.  (The Basin is a small bay off Pittwater, pretty much filled with moorings.  It’s just 30 minutes motoring north from the RMYC and many Members come here).  It is much quieter than the RMYC mooring and very beautiful.  A great place to go ashore for exercise, with a walk along the coast line.  There are regular hourly ferry services to this bay as there are forty or so houses around the shorelines … the residents of which rely on the ferry for transport to and from work each day.  It’s a National Park and hoards of campers come across on holidays and weekends.

LION ISLAND … Broken Bay … 7TH NOVEMBER 2004

Lion Island guards the entrance to Pittwater and the Hawkesbury River, from the Tasman Sea

* Lion Island guards the entrance to Pittwater and the Hawkesbury River, from the Tasman Sea *

 Lion Island is a huge rock sentinel shaped like a Lion when viewed from the north and south, guarding the entrance to Broken Bay … which is the bay opening from the Pittwater and Hawkesbury River areas, into the Tasman Sea.



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A visited to the Seawind Catamaran factory in Wollongong … was a highlight for me … as I had the run of the factory.  The brand new 1160 (11.6 metres long) model for Seawind is a great deal bigger than the Seawind 1000 (10 metres long) … and it was a great experience to see the second unit only being worked on.  It still had a looooong way to go before it was to be a sailing unit. 

The best for me was to climb over four Seawind 1000 cats being built on the one assembly line.  It’s great to see the yacht in various stages of assembly, as it gives you a detailed appreciation of how the yacht is built and where the various compartments and controls are hidden.  I enjoyed this day very much and was allowed to photograph anything I liked! 


* This is what all the fuss has been about ... the day I move onto `SV Tsunami' *

* Can't believe it ... I've made it to a permanent living situation onboard SV Tsunami! *

Moved on board SV Tsunami full time.  At last!


* I was quick to add decals promotong the CYC ... Carnarvon Yacht Club! *

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