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* Bill, Barbara and Lloyd at Pomona Homestead, Queensland, Australia. *

Bill and Barbara have a great property and Barbara was fairly quick to let me know they also had a 10’ carpet python snake as a ‘pet’.  That night visiting the `toot’ took on a whole new meaning….  They displayed the discarded skins to prove the point, but they didn’t need to.

To get even a little, I must mention Bill’s never-to-be-forgotten barbecue act on the first night.  To be fair Bill did mention we were in for a pyrotechnics display, although even he didn’t know how realistic his announcement was.  When I first saw Bill’s preparation for the barbecue I was sceptical;  most people would have been, as he had stacked small dry twigs/branches over three quarters of a metre high under the barbecue plate, which was swung back to allow for the all the sticks. 

* Bill, Barbara after the enormous Bonfire/Barbecue ... nearly costing them their house! *

It went up with a huge whoosh and I said “I must get my camera, nobody will believe me!”  At exactly that moment, Bill screamed out to Barbara to grab a hose … quick!  The flames had risen a good 3 metres and set fire to the fibre glass roof over the BBQ area … and as you know, fibreglass loves to burn.  For 5 minutes there was pandemonium as the fire very quickly spread along the BBQ roof line and started to gnaw away at the fibreglass roof of the sunroof sticking out from the house.  Man, I moved too but could only find a bucket with only-God-knows what sort of liquid in it (it couldn’t be petrol, could it?) and I threw that onto the melting inferno … not petrol.  The best thing I could think of next to refill the bucket was to open the pressure  valve of the hot water system on an outside wall nearby (try it one day) and my next bucket full over the fire was hot water; seemed to help though. 

 We were in stitches of laughter afterwards and I insisted on taking a photograph of Bill & Barbara alongside the BBQ fire, which was still a respectable size.  The steaks were delicious but I thought I could detect a taint of a petroleum product … could it have been burnt fibreglass resin?

* A beautiful pond on `Bilbara's' property! *



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