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* A strong current runs in this channel due to a large inland lake area. *

48 miles south of Batemans Bay, pretty much a good daylight sail for Tsunami and me.  I had been warned about Narooma by an Eden located sailor and his wife I had befriended in Sydney.  They had a very bad experience entering the river as a sandbar had built up across the mouth of the twin stone breakwaters leading from the ocean to the river.  With rogue (occasional very large swells) from the Tasman Ocean, very bad breakers can occur unannounced!  I did try to avoid Narooma but it would have meant sailing to the next southerly harbour and entering at night … something I am trying to avoid at the moment!

* Narooma ... a classic Port to stay away from in any sort of Easterly breeze! *

Although the breakwaters seemed very close together (my guess was 25 meters) it was no problem with the Coastal Patrol Radio operators giving a good account of conditions across the bar.  It is still an unusual entry as the breakwaters are quite short (around 100 meters) and they seem to lead one straight onto a yellow sand beach, but that couldn’t be possible, could it, so with faith, you make a 90˚turn as soon as you reach the end of the rock walls!  I could write a book on my entry to Narooma … as a couple of major things went wrong during my preparation to enter. I may take time another day to explain.  Enough to say all next day was spent rectifying a mechanical problem which prevented me reversing one engine.  This can be very embarrassing if not available when required!!  Spent two nights in Narooma River.

* In a strong breeze these birds aren't stupid ... they give up flying and lay into the wind! *



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