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Left Norseman early (for me) … 08:00 and did a good days work travelling over 1,000 km to Nullarbor Roadhouse, South Australia.

Just press the Cruise Control and steer!

* Just press the Cruise Control and steer! Beware of `Roos! *

There's plenty of warning?

* There are plenty of warnings? And your attention-span is tested to the Max! *

Did the last 150 Km in the dark and this should be a no-no in this part of the world, without a Roo-guard, due to the kangaroo hazard.  (A Roo-guard is a very sturdy tubular steel/aluminium frame bolted the front end of a vehicle to help reduce/eliminate the substantial damage done to a vehicle when a collision with a kangaroo occurs.  Trucks have `Bull-bars’ for protection against larger animals).   Didn’t see a single `live roo’ and only noticed a few corpses!  

Cliffs (looking West) along the `Great Australian Bight'

* Cliffs along the `Great Australian Bight ... looking West. A stunning site and just a few metres off the Eyre Hwy. *

Cliffs along the Great Australian Bight

* Cliffs along the Great Australian Bight ... looking East! *

The following words and photos are pinched from “FrogandToads, Australia” article.

The Nullarbor Plain

“Crossing the Nullarbor Plain is undoubtedly one of Australia’s great touring experiences. From the point where the Eyre Highway begins its stretch across the Nullarbor at Ceduda, it’s a 1208 kilometre journey before it reaches another real town of any size (see Norseman in Outback, Western Australia). The only signs of civilisation on the long passages of perfectly straight road are a series of roadhouses, providing fuel, essential services, food, and generally both camping and motel styles of accommodation. The largest gap is about 200 kilometres, so motorcyclists may need to carry extra fuel. Travellers should also be aware of wandering kangaroos, wombats and emus (especially at dawn or dusk), enormous road trains, and the many time changes which occur along the way.

Ten kilometres west from where the Flinders Highway merges with the Eyre Highway, the town of Ceduna is the eastern gateway to the Nullarbor Plain. Geared around the steady stream of tourists travelling to or from Western Australia, the town offers a good range of modest accommodation as well as a number a pubs which dish up hearty meals. If you arrive here during the day, you can seek relaxation on the good fishing and swimming beaches around the sandy coves of Murat Bay. “

Nullabor Roadhouse ... Nothing flash, but, an Oasis-in-the-Desert

* Nullabor Roadhouse ... Nothing flash, but, an Oasis-in-the-Desert *

“The Nullarbor Roadhouse is last stop before the 200 kilometre stretch, west, to the Western Australian border. From here the Eyre Highway travels right by the coast and through the Nullarbor National Park. Although the park consists entirely of desert, a series of lookouts (just off the highway) allow breathtaking views over the dark blue waters of the Bight, and the spectacular eighty metre decent of the Bunda Cliffs. Don’t make the mistake of driving straight by, as the scenery here makes the Nullarbor journey worthwhile in itself. (For information on the Western Australian side of the Nullarbor, see Outback, W.A.)”

Nullarbor Roadhouse ... Nothing flash, not cheap, but, an Oasis-in-the-Desert

* Nullarbor Roadhouse ... Nothing flash, but, after a day at the wheel, very welcoming. *





Arrived at roadhouse at approximately 20:00 and was lucky enough to get a room for AU$80.00.  Had previously been offered a `Budget Room’ at Eucla for AU$25.00.  The only problem was, you could not swing a cat in it, had a lousy bed … and was full of moths.  Received my $25 back from a very snooty little lass. 

Spoke to a 56 year old woman at Madura Roadhouse, who had just cycled into the Motel.  She is riding with a group of 6-8 cyclists who are crossing Australia.  Wish I had half their stamina.  They had ridden from Balladonia that day … a very healthy 310 kilometre ride. 

Fuel got up to AU$1.43/litre at Madura and luckily I didn’t need to buy any.  Paid  AU$1.40/litre at Caiguna! 

Mercedes pointing East ... still a long way to go!

* Mercedes pointing East ... still a long way to go! *

Received a call from Cousin Yvonne, as I was passing Eucla and I only had time to tell her where I was … before the mobile ‘phone connection disengaged.

Will try to make Adelaide … and the Fowlers, tomorrow.  John was my Best Man at our Wedding in Perth, WA. in 1964! 



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TRAVEL TO CARNARVON … 1st October 2004

Carnarvon is a Coastal Town 904 kilometres north of Perth, WA.  Erica and I bought an all-ready established General Motors Holden Motor Vehicle Dealership there, in 1972.  We operated this business (New Car Sales, Used Car Sales, Service, Spare Parts and Panel/Paint), with twenty two staff, for ten years.

Carnarvon Yacht Club ... as at November 2010

* Carnarvon Yacht Club (Opened 13th August 1983) *

Robinson Street, Carnarvon, WA

* Robinson Street, Carnarvon, WA *

I made a deliberate decision to delay starting for Sydney to attend the 50thAnniversary of the Carnarvon Yacht Club (CYC) on the weekend of 2-3 October ’04.  My main thought was to honour the two Scott’s, Barry and Kay, who were Foundation Members of the CYC, 50 years earlier and who have been great supporters of mine. 

Through the early years of the Motor Vehicle Business, I took on a franchise for a Perth, WA, built 14’ Beach Catamaran Yacht, the Windrush.  And eventually sold twenty five, with most of the new owners then joining the Carnarvon Yacht Club (CYC).  This effectively formed a new and most popular Class within the Club and naturally I joined the Class and learnt how to sail a catamaran.  This experience made it possible for me to move onto SV Tsunami and sail her single handed.  

*   The `Old CYC Clubhouse' ... in use during my period with the Club.  Approx. 1974/1981   *

* The `Old CYC Clubhouse' ... in use during my period with the Club. Approx. 1974/1981 *

The 14' Windrush Catamaran fleet is developing again ... now number ten vessels.

The 14' Windrush Catamaran fleet is developing again ... now number ten vessels.

Barry and Kay offered me accommodation on their 10 metres catamaran while I was in Carnarvon for the 50thAnniversay and this proved a perfect arrangement, as the yacht was moored close to the Club and amenities for visiting yachts.

CYC Foundations!

* The beginning of a Dream for CYC Members. Club Opening 13th August, 1983 *

The Trophy Presentation Night the year I was Commodore!
The Trophy Presentation Night the year I was Commodore! The young lad is Darren Scott!


A week before the Carnarvon trip I started to experience pain with one of my molar teeth.  Being busy as hell and a punter, I took off for Carnarvon without trying to have the problem rectified.  On passing through Geraldton it became obvious I would not be able to live through the pain for nearly a week in Carnarvon … and I knew there was a great likelihood there would not be a Dentist there. 

* New Marina as seen in 2010 *

* New Marina as seen in 2010 *

 Therefore, I saw a Dentist in Geraldton (on the coast, 424 kilometres north of Perth) and it seemed, following an x-ray, an extraction was imminent?  Antibiotics to the rescue.  A further visit to my own Dentist on return to Perth confirmed the first opinion, however, I was leaving for Sydney the next morning … so, more antibiotics!?


Erica had a day off work to help me pack the Mercedes for the trip East to Sydney.  This was done, although towards the end of the procedure I ran out of time, lost patience and threw the last 100 Kg in rather loosely.



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23rd July ’04 … my 65th Birthday.  And after twenty (20) years service … I gave my boss Chris Colyer, at the Town of Cambridge, (a Local Government Authority … in the Capital City of Perth, Western Australia) notice of my retirement, from 20th August ’04.  At the same time presented him with an album of photographs of `SV Tsunami’ the catamaran yacht I have bought to live on in retirement.  He had no answer, as it is policy to attempt to talk you out of retirement.  About five minutes later the CEO wanted to see the album … and his secretary, who is a sailor-at-heart, was in tears … I was leaving her behind!?




The album was produced from photographs I had taken when inspecting the yacht on Pittwater, 20Km north of Sydney, New South Wales, about three weeks before, to satisfy the questions I knew I would get from hordes of people wanting to learn of my plans … and it has been well worn since the announcement.

My philosophy is: Many people … `dream their dream’: however, to `live the dream’ you must be a little reckless!  My theory … if I was to work on and not make this move when I was healthy and financially strong enough … I would be disappointed to the grave.

If for some reason the dream turns into a nightmare and I fall on my face … I have an excellent asset in the Catamaran to enable me to get most of my investment back!

I could then take up picture framing again … a Hobby originally started to frame the best of my own photographs, taken over many decades.  This hobby soon grew into a skill which took peoples fancy and I found myself working nights and weekends to keep up with demand.  The work was done in the spare bedroom deserted by one of our daughters.  I have kept all the tools to come back to this activity … however, after fifteen (15) years; it has become sooooooooooo boring though!


The worst aspect of retirement has been the pressure involved in moving from my rented house, packing and disposing of scores of objects and clothing … and then wrapping items of all shapes for long term storage!

My daughters, Melanie and Arianne and their partners John and Srdjan had offered me storage space … and this was to prove a great asset;   more convenient and so much cheaper than renting storage on a weekly basis.

TRIP TO ALBANY (Melanie’s visit/farewell … `The Big Kid’)




Had to see the `Big Kid’ before I left for the East!  This visit was done in tandem with the need to take three large items of furniture down to Denmark (445 kilometres SSE of Perth, Western Australia, W.A.) for storage in Johns (Melanie’s partner) large new shed.  Perfect!



The bulk of my goods and furniture was stored in the garage of Arianne (My younger Daughter … nicknamed `The Kid’) and her husband, Srdjan, in Hilton, WA.  This meant some work on the shed and the strengthening of security. All done, but a real race over about five weeks.




Following my `rough sort’ of about half-a-tonne of various items, I asked Erica (Mother-of-our-Daughters, whom I had separated from and subsequently divorced, a couple of years previously … but, whom still remains a very good Friend) to help go through a `fine sort’!  This resulted in two large cases full of clothes going into storage at Arianne’s.  There still seemed to be a huge load to carry across Australia to Sydney … and I expect I will be lucky to get one third of this load on the yacht?



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